Each week I read hundreds of webcomics. Most are a wry smile but some I pick as gems I want to share.

Before I started this blog I was emailing them to my wife and occasionally a friend or two, but now I'm going to publish my list for public consumption for prosterity.

I've decided to publish weekly at 23:55 NZT on Sundays. This is being done on a timer; the postings are normally put in their final form earlier on Sunday. Obviously whatever's there at 23:55 is published.

Obviously I can only republish someone else's work with permission and I've decided that for simplicity the only permission I'm interested in dealing with here is creative commons.

My own words are licenced, as always, under a CC BY SA creative commons licence Currently 4.0, but the artists who make these comics are free to make their own choices, hence I'll be noting their licence with their work and doing my best to comply with those licences.

Obviously there are a lot of webcomics published under other licences. I'll simply give them a brief description and a link from the page. Rest assured that I still think they are good, I see no point in listing bad webcomics. This is, of course, a subjective "Goodness", I hope that you don't agree with me 100% because that would mean you are me and that would be dreadful :).

Bruce Clement May 2015
Updated June 2015

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