Sunday, 5 July 2015

Special, From the Vaults

Some weeks there are just to many good comics to cover them all. Here's a group that missed out on being covered in their own week.

I covered The Dinosaur Whiteboard at the end of May 2015. Here's an interesting self referential version that explains not only the cartoon, but the original, of which it is a variation.

Although the original isn't quite as prone to the ellipsis at the end of frame 1.

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Other notable entries:
  1. Don't forget that the mammals were also around at the time of the dinosaurs. Dinosaur Killer killed. [Buni]
  2. Nowhere near as old as the dinosaurs was the last posting to Twitter The Comment but before it vanished it contained this horrifying variation on the marriage ceremony.
  3. How parents start by thinking that their children will grow up to be world-shapers but really just want them to be nice people. [Lunababoon]
  4. Who develops those things advertised on the daily deal sites, and why? The team  attempt an answer. [rm -Rf /]
  5. How do you feel about the nouveau riche? [Funday Mornings]
  6. Political: Keep calling it a race issue because if they found out the truth ... [Truthdig]

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