Sunday, 28 June 2015

Scheduling Conflict

This week's post almost didn't happen because I'm having a scheduling problem of my own, that plus a desk-top computer that keeps switching itself off. Grrrrr

Today's number one is this relevant posting. To be fair it wasn't my favourite until I had my own scheduling problems and now it is. Spooky or What?

XKCD Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. More details.

Other notable entries:

  1. To us the feathers seem bright and jarring. 
    From  Web Donuts CC.
  2.  Dinosaur Whiteboard gets  two entries this week.
    Creative Commons License
    First this delightful take on Gluten Freedom. It's not often I really do laugh out loud from a web comic, but this was one of those times.
  3.  I guess you may need to be a software developer to appreciate this comic from commit strip talking about the automation of software engineering. I am a software developer so I do appreciate it.
  4.  The future of advertising. In the future,

    Doodle For food. Creative Commons License
  5.  Diesel Sweeties on virtual reality
    CC BY-NC 2.5
  6. This seems to be Everyday Blues' debut here. Each episode seems to be 4 similar but not identical frames. 
  7. Dinosaur Whiteboard's second entry this week. 
    Creative Commons License

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