Sunday, 21 June 2015

Standing still for budgeting dummies

A bit crazy, but food trucks take quite a bit of capital to set up. They aren't just bigger versions of delivery cars.

Creative Commons.

Other notable entries:
  1. If there are no new jokes, there at least seem to be endless variations on the old ones. For example It's not what you think by Pain Train.
  2. Dinosaur  whiteboard gets into this week's list twice. First for this play on the basic premise of the comic.
    Creative Commons License.
  3. A Chuckle, not a belly laugh from Doghouse Diaries with this van Gogh selfie
    Creative Commons License
  4. The second dinosaur whiteboard entry appealed because of the meta-stupidity of the premise.
    Creative Commons License.
  5. Poorly drawn lines protecting us against the alien invasion
    cc-by-nc 3.0
And I can't decide:
  1. I couldn't make up my mind if Phases of the melon from Incidental Comics belonged in the best or the also rans. Every time I looked at it I changed my mind. To state the obvious, in the end I put it here.
Also worth a look if you're a bit bored:
  1. Diesel Sweeties on cold pressed coffee.
  2. Doodle for food learn about budgeting.

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