This page is intended to show how I select the webcomics I feature.

  1. I have to read the webcomic.
    1. I needed to have found it worth reading to have added add to my list of comics initially. It needs to remain worth reading to stay there.
    2. It has to be freely readable in a browser.
      1. Real HTML (or XHTML), not PDF etc
      2. Must be readable in most common browsers. Firefox, Chrome, Android, Apple, etc.
      3. Some comics are available through a special app. It must also be available through a desktop browser. Go Comics do this well, they have an app for the tablet but I can read it on my desktop browser too.
    3. It has to have a RSS or Atom feed and as I use Feed-on-feeds it needs to be pretty basic RSS /Atom.
    4. It needs to be published at least once every month or so. I tend to flush comics out my list of feeds if there haven't been any updates for 40 to 50 days.
  2. No pay-walls. If you can't see the comic I don't want you to have to take it on trust that it's worth seeing.
  3. It has to be humorous. I do read some drama ones but they tend to be serials so pointing out a single page often doesn't work.
  4. It must have published in the last two weeks. Although I will do occasional "specials" I want the regular blog postings to be fairly current .
  5. I have to like the individual piece. I can't see myself coming up with some system of promoting a comic just because it hasn't won for a while.
  6. As I read through webcomics I tag ones that I think are better than most.
    1. This is not only subjective, but depends on my feelings on the day.
    2. If I'm having a bad day I'm less likely to include a comic than on good days.
  7. Once I get to more than 10 entries or so, I start removing items I feel not as good as others. Ten isn't a maximum target, but it is pretty much the smallest number of postings I'm happy with.
  1. I really want to have the first entry in each posting to have an image and this means that I want it to be Creative Commons licenced (CC). Unless I feel that the best non-CC comic massively outperforms the best CC comic I will promote the best CC comic to 1st place. In  the first example, I displayed the best CC before the best non-CC, but made the ranking clear in the text. I'm not promising I'll always do this.
  2. Very occasionally I'll publish more than one image at the top. Either both are needed to make the point clear or I really felt that there was a good reason why they both deserve it. It's first example was because two of the three CC webcomics were among my favourites collected in the period before I started this blog.
  3. After picking the first place, it's a matter of looking at the remaining selectees sorting them from strongest (Funniest, thought provoking, coffee and cake, artistic strength, etc).
  4. At some point it will be clear to me where the cut-off should be.
 Yes, again, and again yes. This is an entirely subjective process. This blog is my opinion, nothing more.


I've decided to publish at 23:55 NZT on Sundays. The posting will be preloaded and scheduled to publish at that time. This means that the selections are being made earlier.

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