Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Special food issue

 I found I'd been saving a whole bunch of food related cartoons in this time period. I've bumped a few non food related ones to the next posting but this is basically as it happened in my twisted mind.

First up today we have a debut on bacon sandwiches from Callous Comics.  Callous occasionally makes me laugh out loud but more often just gives me a wry smile. I also tend to confuse it with both Donald Duck and with  the PhD comic. I don't follow Donald Duck and no anthropomorphic animals are in PhD so I don't understand why the confusion.
I like bacon and also sometimes end up with the thin slice of bacon in my mouth and away from the sandwich so I both empathise with the woman and see the funny side.

Creative Commons License
Callous - The Comic Strip by Carlo Jose S. San Juan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Other notable food entries:
  1. Toonhole is often challenging. This graphic Zombie comic is both challenging and funny but not for the squeamish.
  2. To help you recover, the rest are nowhere near as challenging. Evil Bread by Diesel Sweeties deals with the concept of gluten free coffee.
  3. No I don't miss gluten from Maria Scrivan's Half Full. Made me laugh out loud.
  4. Bound and Gagged makes its debut here with. He's not a werewolf. If I said why I found it so funny I'd spoil the joke, let's just say I'm not a werewolf either.
  5. Bizaro with a take on the classic mouse in the maze gag. OK.
  6. Buni on where American Hot Dogs come from.
  7. There's a red condiment that Japanese people like to sprinkle on their food in much the same way Kiwis like to sprinkle salt and pepper. Although not directly matching, this F Minus comic reminded me of that condiment.

This is a resurrected page from the archives. Date from posting date of the featured comic. This blog entry really posted on 24 May 2015.

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