Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Food Dairy and Accupuncture

3D Printing and food. What could be better? OK, 3D printing and replacement organs but we don't need a transplant every day. This seems to be Schizmatic's first entry in this blog. This surprises me as I know I saw several of the Little blue images while doing earlier pages.
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Comics I don't Understand, along with Unearthed Comics, was one of the main inspirations for this blog. I think the original idea was that in each posting "CIDU Bill" would post one or more comics and the readers would explain them to him. I think this must have weakened over time as he now sometimes says he does understand the comic while in other cases it's hard to believe that he doesn't get it. CIDU's 2014 year end wrap-up is here.

When I find a cartoonist whose work I like I usually wish to see more of their work. With CIDU, I do find it annoying that he (deliberately) doesn't give links to the source sites. Usually I can find them with a search, but it has strengthened my resolve to give a source link every single time.

Other notable entries:
  1. The close runner-up for this posting is using acupuncture for revenge. [Carbon Dating]
  2.  The second runner-up and again it was close was the idea of putting dairy products in coffee [Diesel Sweeties]
  3. Any earlier posting and this would have been first runner-up. The Anxiety troll and New Year's resolutions. [Lunarbaboon]
  4. Two strips on giving up coffee. First explaining human anatomy to a duck, then anxiety and nerves. [Urban Jungle]
  5. Why the big bad wolf can't blow the piggies' house down. [Chuckle-A-Duck]
Also worth a look if you're a bit bored:
  1. From the barista a deflating Pac Man. [Mercworks] - NSFW if you work in a convent. Their first appearance here.
  2. I nearly forgot to add this memory pill advert. I've been reading this strip a very long time and I'm a bit surprised that this is their first appearance  here, they must have gone through a lean spell. [The Gentleman's Armchair]
  3. Party terrors: Dancing with tipsy aunts. [Wumo]
  4. Finally and marginally diet and food denial. [Maximumble]

This is a backdated page from the archives. Date from posting date of the featured comics. This blog entry was really written on 25 May 2015.

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