Monday, 16 March 2015

Pressure test

When you fly, you always end up with something bad. Luckily for me the low pressure in the cabins always seems to disable my sense of smell. I guess others aren't so lucky.

Original. According to its website,Web Donuts is licenced under a Creative Commons license, but it doesn't say which.

Other notable entries:
  1. The student asked, "Master, what is the Dao?" I found this cartoon thought-provoking. [Pie Comics]
  2. TV Cooking show ... for dragons. [Spud]
  3. The protagonist is facing one of the great first word problems ... the call centre where fixing your problem is not provided for in the script. [Dilbert]
  4. I don't know about including this one. It's clever, but not visceral, an example of what I term "New York" humour, but it also reminds me of the original Reginald Perrin from the 1970s or 1980s British Parsnip. [Berger and Wyse]
  5. Lastly hats and fashion. [Pie Comic]
Also worth a look if you're a bit bored:
  1. Granny's toy boy. [Buni]
  2. Why are car seats called car seats?  [Callous]
  3. Why do they call it Slow Cooking? [MegaCynics]
  4. This galaxy's education standards are abysmal. [Birdbrains]
  5. How to save money. [Wumo]
  6. Lastly Basic instructions. It's being going for years, appears in my feed on a regular basis, and shows inappropriate solutions to everyday problems. For all that, "How to accept an apology", is their debut here. [Basic Instructions]

This is a backdated page from the archives. Date from posting date of the featured comics. This blog entry was really written on 25 May 2015.

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